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It is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the class that they have chosen.  If you have any medical problems and you are unsure about practicing yoga, please consult your doctor first.  If you are pregnant or have any questions about joining our classes please contact us for a pre class consultation.  

It is important in yoga that you listen to your body, and respect its limits on any given day.


I, the undersigned, understand that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. I should consult a physician prior to beginning any activity program, including yoga. I recognise that it is my responsibility to notify my teacher of any serious illness or injury before every yoga class. I will not perform any postures to the extent of strain or pain. I accept that neither the instructor, nor the hosting facility, is liable for any injury, or damages, to person or property, resulting from taking of the class.

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