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In the stream of fashionable westernised yoga styles of our time (some labelled by the names of their teachers, others are clearly hybrids such as yogalates or fitness yoga) Debbie has the courage and dedication to hold on to authenticity emphasizing the holistic nature of yoga in which physical practise is only a part. She deserves considerable respect for that.

Debbie is a creative and resourceful teacher and a true master of simplicity. A typical class starts with pranayama followed by sun salutations with gradually increasing speed from which she branches out slightly modified postures to hold longer than usual. We notice how hard it is to focus, balance and keep the body in place without wobbling during those extended minutes. However, this is when the mind is being cleared and muscles and internal organs are being purified. She truly shows us that a little goes a long way. In the second part of the class a range of more challenging postures are performed including deep stretching, twists and inversions before arriving at the final relaxation.

Debbie can read human body. She is able to tailor the practice to the needs of students skilfully. She can sense, influence and guide energy flow in the room. Even if the room is overcrowded Debbie can find a way to conduct an enjoyable practice.

Debbie’s classes are often enriched with chanting, sounds of bells or/and bowls to deepen yoga experience. She has a good voice. Her choice of music is always appropriate, soothing, calming and relaxing. She plays it at the right volume which is pleasant to the ear, never too loud. Going to a Debbie-class at the and of the day is the best way to offload stress, tension and frustration life throws at you. It is a perfect way to recharge your batteries, restore your body. You would leave the room feeling light, calm and happy. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed.

Edith Bagley by e-mail 08/09/17


Debbie's class at 6:45pm on a Wednesday is hands down the best yoga class I have ever attended. She is really knowledgeable, does some beautiful chanting and teaches a great range of postures. I can feel myself getting stronger, more toned and bendier every week! If you are looking for a yoga class (and even if you weren't) this is the one.

Jay Byrd June 2017


I now regularly go to Debbie's class in Easton on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8pm. Debbie is the best yoga teacher I have ever come across.
She has a vast knowledge of the practice of hatha yoga and how bodies work. It is the best combination. Debbie is so in tune with how our bodies work that she is able to keep you safe and teach you to stretch yourself. I also love the spiritual element that Debbie brings. I feel completely different after the class. Debbie allows me to escape from my fast and sometimes stressful life. She understands how important it is to be present and grounded and her yoga classes are one of the best resources I have found for a happier, healthier mind body and soul.
Rowan June '16

I now look forward to Mondays! I feel like a different person when I leave, ready to take on the week. I've suffered with lower back pain and scoliosis for years and I now feel transformed. Debbie brings amazing energy and spirituality. Thanks Debbie!
Gemma November '16

I just wanted to thank you for Wednesday's fantastic class. It had been more than a year since I'd done any yoga and I found your style both easy to follow and enjoyable.  Will definitely be coming back for more!

Clare April '14

Thank you Debbie for your inspired teachings. Enjoy sharing your skill and knowledge at the forthcoming retreat.
Gill '16

Just to let you know, I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and thanks for the lovely candle.

Kate March '14


Debbie's Tuesday morning session at Greenbank

What can I say? It's just great. Fun, relaxing and demanding all in one go. Debbie allows the course to flow and is happy to suggest adjustments if something is a little tricky. I always come out feeling on such a high, both in body and mind. Come and join us! 

Milly, Dec 13


Excellent class

Debbie teaches a beautiful flowing class and is really attentive to all participants. 

She is a skilled teacher who gives clear instruction & modifications

(where needed) Her class leaves me feeling energised, calm and in a lovely

state of balance... Definately recommended :-)

Cheri , Dec 13


I've tried doing yoga a number of times over my life with many teachers and styles and enjoyed it but never really got hooked. I've been going to Debbie's class for about a year now, if I can't make it I really miss it. Debbie makes the session fun, very friendly and easy to understand, she's great at ensuring that participants of all levels of experience are included and know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I always feel totally refreshed and relaxed, there's a great balance of comfort and challenge, physical and spiritual. I'm hooked! 

Thanks Debbie.

Loz, Dec 13


Debbie, I just wanted to say how wonderful I felt in my body and heart after your class last night, thank you and I will try to be there as much as I can. 

Sandra Jan '14


Thanks so much again for the workshop. It was great. I am so glad I was lucky enough to get the last available place at the last minute. A special thanks for helping me to break through my fear of using the headstand stool. It was really fun.

Dee, attended headstand workshop Bristol, May 14.


I learnt loads & really enjoyed it. The preparation poses were really good & I understand the principles better which has given me more confidence. Let me know if you run any other workshops.

Cheri, Headstand workshop Bristol May 14


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