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Yoga in the West African bush!
7 days Yoga on a beautiful terrace surrounded by lush nature and palm trees
26th February to March 4th 2024

Yoga on the roof terrace

A Retreat for Mind, Body and Soul

Local nourishing food
 DOING Yoga on the beach

7 days Yoga in lush

A one-of-a-kind yoga retreat located in the heart of nature in the Casamance.

Our venue is spread over 4 hectares of lush greenery, filled with palm and fruit trees.

Set in this idyllic location, we offer our guests the perfect environment to immerse themselves in a holistic yoga retreat. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructor helps participants develop their yoga practice, while our serene surroundings provide a unique and rejuvenating experience.

From £450 per person half board

Visits to local beach and Botanic gardens
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